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Connecting you to the legal world. 

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Eviction Automation

Connect2Court integrates with platforms like Yardi, RealPage, and others to streamline the eviction filing process for property managers and attorneys. Delinquencies are flagged each month, cases are eFiled with 100% data accuracy, AND management is notified any time a tenant has paid and needs to have their case dismissed. 

Court Integrations

Connect2Court has the capability to integrate with civil court case management systems across country including the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, California, and others. This data connection is used to file documents in seconds and retrieve real-time case status updates, which are visible in the user dashboard at all times. 

Integrate with Connect2Court

Want to receive tenant data or create documents with Connect2Court but already have your own eFiling system? No problem! You can receive documents & data from our system with these two methods:

  1. Export tenant data from Connect2Court to a .csv spreadsheet at any time.

  2. Establish an API connection with Connect2Court. This is only available in specific circumstances, feel free to contact us to learn more!

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