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Being able to start the eviction process for delinquent tenants with just the click of a button.

And then...

Being able to stop the entire eviction process for paid tenants without having to email or call anyone

Eviction Automation 

At Connect2Court we have always made it our mission to streamline the eviction process for property managers and attorneys. Most recently we have taken that commitment a step further by partnering with property management systems, including RealPage and Yardi, to automate almost every part of the eviction process. 

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Eviction Processing Will Never Be the Same...

With Connect2Court's Eviction Automation Tool

File & Serve

Faster than Ever

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You set a time and date for C2C's Eviction Automation tool to pull delinquent tenant info and send to you via email each month. Just select tenants from the list to file on and click "Confirm" 

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The Data is


C2C's Eviction Automation tool pulls all data for each delinquent tenant directly from your Property Management database - eliminating the possibility of human error as we auto-create documents. 

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Tenant Paid?

Stop Everything!

When C2C's Eviction Automation tool identifies a delinquent tenant has paid, a notification is sent to all affected vendors to stop the action. 

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