Process Serving

In counties that allow for private process serving, Connect2Court allows filer's to track the progress through the point of service. The most important thing for us is to streamline the filing and service for filers and/or attorneys who want visibility throughout the entire process. 

  1. Filer/Attorney files cases (i.e. evictions, garnishments, or small claims) within minutes through Connect2Court.

  2. All documents are created and sent to process server with verified addresses.

  3. Process server delivers papers to defendant, views all proofs of service and signs all within seconds. 

  4. When signed, proofs of service are automatically sent to the court as well as the filer/attorney.

View status of case 24/7 through our             'Check Case Status' link.


- Eviction

- Garnishment

- Writ of Possession

- Dismissal

- Judgment

- Answer

- Amendment

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